Have you always wanted to take a ride on one of our electric box bikes? You can now make use of our special passes, which gives you up to 40% discount on your ride.

By Tess van den Dop

With our electric box bike you will quickly reach your destination and searching for a parking spot in Rotterdam is a thing of the past. Thanks to the spacious container, the electric box bikes are suitable for a day out, dropping off your children and delivering packages. 

Would you like to rent the electric box bike for an hour? With our 1h promo you can rent the electric box bike for 60 minutes. By using this code you will receive a 25% discount on the regular fare. Would you rather be on the road longer? Even then you can use a promo code. The 2h promo gives you 120 minutes of access to our electric box bikes in Rotterdam. With the 2h promo you get a 20% discount on the regular fare. For those who want to go out even longer we have a 3h promo code, which allows you to rent an electric box bike for 180 minutes. Ideal when you have an appointment outside the city or want to explore nature. The 3h promo code gives you a 40% discount on the regular ride price with our electric box bike.  

As soon as you start your ride, the minutes start counting. To be able to start a ride on our e-bakfiets you need a wallet balance of 1 euro or an added creditcard. After the time on your pass is over, you can still continue the ride for the normal minute fee. You can buy a pass once per day. 

The passes are available through the Promos section in the app.