Need to go to IKEA but don’t have a car? Read on to find out about one of our users’ suggestions!

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

Jennifer just recently moved to a new place. She brought some furniture from her old apartment and rebuilds it in the new house. Once she arranges everything, she realizes something is missing: “a new set of drawers would be nice… and perhaps a rug to bring the whole bedroom together…”. She also recently read about the benefits of having green plants in one’s living space. Evidently, her mind automatically goes to IKEA: one of the few affordable furniture stores for students. Unfortunately, like many in Rotterdam, she does not have her own car to transport the items she intends to purchase.

Therefore she decides to try the second best option: delivery. She goes on the website, selects all the pieces and when checking out she realizes the costs and delivery time are higher than she had expected.

What can she do? Taking public transport is definitely not a convenient option and a taxi driver would just decline taking her on their car with furniture. That’s when she thinks of BAQME. She recently noticed black and blue electric cargo bikes parked around the city, ready to be rented. The front box is definitely big enough for everything she wants to carry and perhaps she can even ask her friend Emma to join her. Biking to IKEA is just a 30 min ride from the centre and with an electric bike she won’t even feel the weight of the cargo.

A few hours later, Jennifer and Emma meet up, walk to two nearby BAQME’s and unlock them. Once they get to IKEA, they are ready for the full shopping experience. Walking around the store, they end up picking more than they had predicted: new bed sheets, plates, plants and plenty of snacks (which they realize can only be bought in the physical store). After paying at the counter, they walk back to their electric cargo bikes and place everything in the boxes. They can now effortlessly ride back home and put together the room of their dreams. Who would have thought they would have been able to pick up and put together their new pieces in less than a day?