Still looking for gift ideas for your loved ones? A BAQME gift card is the right choice for any special occasion!

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

Open your ears – or rather, read carefully – because BAQME has come up with the perfect gift idea for you. We have all reached that point when your friends start having baby showers left and right but you simply don’t know what to get them. You already know they will be receiving cute socks and cradles from their close family, so what could you possibly get them? A BAQME giftcard!

The gift card can be purchased at three different values depending on your willingness to spend. At €15, you are practically giving your friend – let’s call him Thom – 100 ride minutes. By renting an electric cargo bike, Thom will be able to do some shopping around the city or go to the beautiful lake located a bit further than the pond he usually goes to. And the higher the value of the card the more use cases for the electric cargo bike. With roughly 160 and 300 ride minutes, Thom’s new family could even go on a short day trip or bring the kids along on an apple pie tasting experience around the city. The opportunities are endless.

So join us in this initiative and help us spread the positive emotions linked with the act of giving and receiving . Because riding an electric cargo bike is – yes – a means of transportation, but most importantly an experience. And a very fun one at that!

To purchase a BAQME gift card, you can hop on over to the BAQME website and select the value you prefer. Oh and the card can be used at any point: you do not need to make use of all the ride minutes in one session. Your friend can freely choose when, how, why, where and with whom to utilize the electric cargo bike.

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us on this initiative. We hope your loved ones enjoy the ride!