Get hold of the new Month Pass promotion to carry out all the bullets on the holiday season list

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

The holiday seasons are approaching fast and this means:

  1. countless shopping trips to select the best costume for you and your kids at Halloween
  2. Driving your children from party to party
  3. Wanting to enjoy the holiday spirit in as many nearby cities as possible
  4. Having to buy a gift for every single close and distant relative

Adding to this, you may have to go to work after dropping off the kids at school and many many sport tournaments. If you can relate to (one or) all of these scenarios, you are reading the right blog post.

Using an electric cargo bike can make your life easier: with the spacious front box you can carrry your children and your shopping bags all at once. Not to mention the electric engine that can help you power through your endless trips around the city. BAQME is fast, fun and accessible at all times so why waste such an opportunity?

To make the most out of the BAQME experience (and let’s face it, save up some money), you can purchase a Month Pass. In this way you will be able to use all BAQMEs at all times for 30 days. Doesn’t this sound great? To get ahold of this promotion, you can go to the BAQME app, open the menu (in the top left corner) and click on ‘Promos’. Under ‘Available Promos’ you can find the Month Pass at only €195!

Other users just like you have been making use of it and seem to enjoy it a lot! What is great about it is that you can decide yourself when to purchase it. So pick your months where you expect to be needing a BAQME the most. As we hinted before: the holiday period may be particularly busy for everyone 😉

Oh and one last thing: there is only a limited supply of Month Passes available per month, so make sure you buy yours quickly!