Treat yourself to some responsible shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with this BAQME promotion!

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

All year round we see things we wish we could have: that shiny new race bike your daughter dreams of. That gorgeous velvet couch that would go perfectly in your living room. And some of us have smaller ambitions, such as a new backpack or stocking up on peanut butter jars. Regardless of what you need, we all know when the perfect time to purchase it is. The infamous weekend: Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

In the Netherlands, like elsewhere in the world, Black Friday will fall on November 26th and Cyber Monday on November 29th. Most shops will offer all types of sales and promotions on their products. One issue however remains, how will you be able to transport all bags and boxes while shopping? And how will you make sure you can go to all the shops on your list before closing time?You could break your back trying to carry everything, do multiple rounds or you could opt for the easy option: renting an electric cargo bike.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you can purchase a Day Pass for a reduced price. For only €15 (compared to the usual fare of €24), you can take unlimited rides on any BAQME for 24h. Having an electric cargo bike at your disposal will make your shopping experience faster and more fun! You can carry all your bags inside the front box while you cruise though the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam or the Hoogstraat in The Hague. And, even if it’s outside the BAQME service area, you can make a stop at the Westfield Mall in Leidschendam and pause your ride while you are there!

Renting an electric cargo bike instead of using a car will make your shopping experience greener. Moreover, we advise you to check out stores and services that offer sustainably sourced products. Local and independent stores are the way to go and they often sell original items that you can’t find anywhere else 😉

You can find the Day Pass at €15 on the BAQME app, under the ‘Promos’ section. Let us know how you make use of the promotion by sending us pictures on social media or using the hashtag #baqmemories