Looking for ways to use the Day Pass promotion? Read on to hear our suggestions for you!

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

What starts with D, ends with T and never seems to disappoint anyone? Some of you may be thinking of dessert (and how can I blame you 😉 ), but I am thinking: Delft!

This Dutch city is just as delightful and makes for a perfect end of the week sweet destination. And here I go again with the references to food: please do forgive me, but who doesn’t love food! Ok, I will now really stop….

With this introduction, I would like to inspire you all with the perfect way to make use of our Day Pass promotion. For only 24 euros, you can rent an electric cargo bike for an entire day. (You can find this in the ‘Promos’ section on the app).

So, what are you waiting for? Select a sunny day and bring your kids and friends with you to the 015 city! Delft can easily be reached by Rotterdam and The Hague in less than an hour with an electric bike and it has much to offer. The route connecting Rotterdam to Delft is only 15km, whereas if you decide to leave from The Hague, it is only 8.7km long.

A BAQME spotted in Delft

Experience Delft to the fullest

A BAQME spotted in Delft

Immerse yourself in the many streets and canals of this lovely city. Only by walking in its streets, you will feel like the city is the real pearl in the famous painting by Vermeer. Starting from the Oude Kerk to the Nieuwe Kerk up to the Rose Windmill, there are plenty of things to do and view. It is even renowned for being a lively spot for students with its many bars and university buildings.

If you, however, opt for a family getaway and bring your kids along, you will not be disappointed by the countless attractions, all within biking distance from the centre. If you ask for my advice, make sure to stop by the Botanical Gardens, where you can get in touch with nature and participate in many fun workshops for children of all ages.

Additionally, the Science Centre with its many exhibitions, guided tours and escape rooms is also a must, along with the Partycentrum Knus and its fun sport facilities.

It all sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? And it is our pleasure at BAQME to see you make the most of your days by riding with us in a fun and sustainable way 🙂 .

Do not hesitate any longer and rent one of our electric cargo bikes, already available all over Rotterdam and starting from August, in The Hague too. You will just have to select the Day Pass, pause your ride once you get to Delft and treat yourself to a fun day!