Discover the little components that make our e-cargo bicycles so special. 

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

Have you been wondering what makes our e-cargo bicycles ride so fast and smoothly? I will let you in a little secret: we make sure that our BAQME’s are equipped with the best quality components. 

Let me now walk you through all the components you can see in the bike scheme here below:

  1. Bike display: with this screen, you can keep track of your speed while riding.
  2. Power button: this is built in the bike display and you can click on it to turn on the electric potential of the e-cargo bicycle.
  3. Adjustable gears: they enable you to maintain an adequate and stable pedalling speed when riding on any gradient of a slope. It might come in handy when crossing that treacherous Erasmusbrug. 
  4. Spacious cargo box: carry up to 80kg in this 64x50x99cm box. People and/or furniture are welcome.
  5. Front and rear LED lights: simply switch them on by pressing a button on the display. Fear no more the cold dark winter nights. 
  6. Indestructible tires: these thick Schwalbe tires are anti-puncture so you won’t have to worry about inflating them. 
  7. Bike kickstand: it ensures a safe, fall-proof stance when the BAQME is standing still. After all, everyone deserves to be held on a pedestal every once in a while...
  8. Swappable battery: the electric battery is swapped and recharged when the power runs out. 
  9. Pedal assist: the battery gives the pedals enough power for you to go as fast and effortless as Buzz Lightyear
  10. Bike and chain lock: the bike lock opens up automatically when starting a ride. You will however, have to wrap the chain lock yourself to secure a safe parking for your BAQME.
BAQME scheme

So yes, this is what makes our e-cargo bicycles so special. From now on, provided that you can memorize this information, you can pretend to be an electric bicycle expert and impress whoever you want to impress 😉 .

Let us know if you have any further questions about BAQME bicycles by leaving us a message on the Chat box.