This year, everyone in will be able to rent an electric box bike (cargo bike) in The Hague. With the BAQME app, you can rent an electric box bike in your neighbourhood in minutes.

After a successful launch in Rotterdam this year, BAQME is expanding to The Hague. Also in The Hague too many short car rides are being taken due to a lack of viable alternatives. These rides are frustrating due to busy traffic and limited, expensive, parking spots.

The electric box bikes of BAQME are perfect for transporting kids, groceries and packages. An afternoon to the Scheveningen beach is faster with a BAQME. You can start and end your rental of an electric box bike in The Hague everywhere within in the marked zones in the app. The electric box bikes do not necessarily have to be returned to the starting position, making them ideal for rides to the train station or dropping kids off at schools or day cares.

All maintenance, repairs and battery charging are done by BAQME. Everyone in The Hague can therefore rent an electric box bike without any worry.

Rent an e-cargobike in The Hague

Download the BAQME app and find an electric box bike in your area. A full battery enables you to ride around 40 to 50 kilometres. You pay 15 cents per minute with a minimum of 50 cents per ride. Pausing a ride costs 5 cents per minute. New riders in The Hague that sign up now will receive 20 free ride minutes. You can also register your neighbourhood on the waitlist below.

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BAQME, the shareable electric box bike, comes to The Hague.
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