Discover a new gift tip for your family and friends. With a BAQME gift card you give them the freedom to travel in a fun, sustainable and effortless way. Continue reading if you want to learn more!

Indy Tramonte – Customer Success Specialist

Giving gifts to your loved ones is rewarding and pleasant. The holidays are coming up, so many of us are busy trying to come up with just the perfect gift. As we all know, this can be a big challenge. What do I buy for the nanny who always watches the kids? What do I give to that one friend for her baby shower? The best possible gift we can give them, is a sustainable and versatile product that actually excites them to make use of the gift. ‘But what exactly is this product?’ I hear you asking. A BAQME gift card, ofcourse!

Some may think of a gift card as impersonal, yet it is actually an incredibly thoughtful gift. Not only are you giving them a service, you are giving them an experience. By gifting a BAQME gift card, the recipient can choose when and where to use this experience. They will be able to use our electrical cargo bikes any time they want, both in Rotterdam and The Hague. Some may prefer to use the gift card when the weather is nice, so they can finally go for a picnic in the park; others may use it for their annual visit to IKEA or to take the kids to the minigolf course. The gift card can be used to go anywhere, anytime. This is also an incredibly easy process, which only requires a couple steps to be completed in our app.

Besides the flexibility to use the gift card whenever and wherever, BAQME also offers different types of gift cards, to give you the opportunity to choose the most appropriate one. The options include a €15, €25 and €50 gift card. After your purchase, the value of the card will be added to the wallet of the user, and instantly transformed into riding minutes. So for the price of a single gift card, the user will be able to ride 100 to 300 minutes, depending on which card was purchased.

In order to purchase a BAQME gift card, you can go to the BAQME website, where you will be able to select the value of your gift card. As soon as you transfer the card to the recipient, they will be able to transfer the value of the card into riding minutes through the BAQME app. For more information about downloading the app, you can pay a visit to our website:

We hope you are excited about our tip and will be able to fully enjoy the user experience of riding a BAQME. We look forward to hearing your feedback!