Don’t hesitate to go with the flow of Rotterdam’s urban innovations and download the RET Real Time App.

By Maria Victoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

MaaS is not only the flowing water bed of Rotterdam but the nurturing ground of shared mobility apps. RET, Rotterdam’s official public transport company jumped on the bandwagon of Mobility as a service (MaaS) and developed the RET Real Time App. With this development, citizens of the dynamic city will be able to log-in to one mobile application and access a map displaying all the shared mobility vehicles in the area. Public transit is the backbone of transportation and shared micro mobility can play a key role in expanding its reach. BAQME is partnering with RET to encourage both.

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All the shared mobility services at Willemsplein

On Monday 5th, July an inauguration ceremony was held at Willemsplein: it is the precise point where Tram 7 and Watertaxi cross currents. BAQME representatives along with Check, felyx, GO Sharing, Donkey Republic, Watertaxi, Lime and MyWheels attended the event.

In honour of the launch, BAQME has created a discount offer, allowing users to rent a BAQME for 24 hours at a price of 20 euros. The said promotion is valid until the 15th of August.

The reason for this development is to render shared mobility accessible to all at all times. Ever since the pandemic, people have been skeptical about taking public transport. Many have turned to using their own cars again. It is evident how this can have a negative impact on CO2 emissions. It is important now, more than ever, that citizens start thinking collectively about solutions for a greener planet and one way to do this is by using shared mobility services.The creation of this app would thus be a true ‘turn of the tide’ and it is a great privilege for BAQME to be a frontrunner in this.

So, raise your hands and let’s celebrate this achievement together!