It’s time for some last minute day adventures! So rent a BAQME to carry your paddling equipment with you.

By MariaVictoria Garcia – Rider Experience Specialist

For all of you who live in a city, don’t you ever get the urge to get absorbed into nature and just let yourself get carried away by the sounds of birds, the smell of trees or water. I certainly do!

I was raised in the Northern Italian countryside where the sun hits hard, the grass stings and the humidity level are above the roof. Yet, all this considered, I would still trade my comfortable city life with some time in my beautiful Pianura Piadana any day. Nothing feels better than just venturing in the ‘wild’ for a couple of days. It is genuinely a “toccasana” (translation: “cure-all”) for both the body and the mind.

Why am I talking about this, you may ask yourselves?

A BAQME and a paddle board at the Kralingse Plas

So let me break it to you: I am here today to talk about a great way to spend an afternoon or even an entire weekend away from home and your screens. By renting an electric cargo bike from BAQME you can carry with you all the equipment needed to spend some time in nature.

To those of you who own a paddle, a surfing board, or even a skateboard: have you ever struggled to carry them with you while traveling towards your destination? You may wake up one day and decide to bring your paddle with you to the Kralingse Plas for a nice little sunrise paddleboarding. You are so ready to have your ‘hipster ritual’ and reconnect with nature… but the paddle is simply too heavy to carry?

There is no need to worry! You can rent one of electric cargo bikes, place your folded paddle in the front box and ride away to any lake you desire (there are certainly plenty of options in Rotterdam and The Hague).

You will not even perceive the weight of the equipment while pedaling as the pedal assist will take care of this for you. So there is basically only one thing left to do: enjoy the ride and create new #BAQMEmories.

We hope this blog post inspired some of you to follow our advice. And remember: by renting a BAQME, you can carry all of your sporting equipment anywhere and at any time.