Thinking about what to do this weekend in Rotterdam? We have a plan for you and a very fun one at that! Rent a BAQME with your family and go to these 3 amazing locations.

By Mihaela Rodideal – Rider Experience Specialist

Stimulate creativity & curiosity 

Did you know creating art stimulates children’s brain development? Painting, drawing and crafts develop your child’s imagination as they create their own stories about what they see. 

It also helps them express their emotions to better understand how they feel. Everyone can make art: children, parents and even grandparents. 

Forget about the messiness at home. Rent a BAQME using the app, unlock, and allow your child’s creativity to flow at Villa Zebra at Kop van Zuid. Park the e-cargo bike next to the museum. Remember to lock the bike and pause the ride while inside.

Is your child between 2 and 6 years old? Spending the day at ‘De Groentekraam’ (The Vegetable Stall) and performing an act on the ‘Circus Gibra’ stage will stimulate their language development. Kids above 6 years old can play with their imagination by making their own art works. 

Get some vitamin D 

What’s next? Time for some drinks and a healthy meal! Resume your ride and go with your BAQME to Het Park. Park your e-cargo bike at the entrance, lock it and pause the ride in the app. 

In the middle of the park you will find Parqiet, a beautiful café in the heart of Rotterdam. Its spacious terrace allows your children to run around and have fun with other children. Inside there are toys they can play with and books to entertain themselves. When the sun is shining, you can sit outside at a table or settle in a bench chair while admiring the incredible Euromast. Breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner are served, as well as delicious coffee and home-made delicacies from local patissiers.

Relax inside

Is it suddenly raining? Don’t let it spoil your fun day! Resume your ride and it will take you approximately a 5 minute ride with our e-cargo bike to Cinerama. In front of the entrance there is a bicycle stand to park your BAQME. Lock and pause the ride in the app and enjoy an afternoon movie with your children at this old-school look cinema. There is a ticket discount for children up to eleven and various fun kids films to choose from.

Want to go home with BAQME? Resume your ride. Once you arrive, park the e-cargo bike while making sure it is in the service area, lock it and end the ride in the app. Enjoy your e-cargo bike trip!