The terms and costs of the shareable electric cargo bikes varies between cities. Click on a bike icon in the app to see the pricing and terms for that specific BAQME.

Renting an e-cargo bike costs that can be parked anywhere in the city zone costs €1.95 for the first minute and 12 cents for the following minutes. You can optionally reserve an e-cargo bike ride for 20 minutes at a price of 50 cents.

BAQME’s with a fixed parking spot have a different, often lower, pricing plan. You can see the price per minute before starting a ride.

A 1 hour pass costs €7, a 3 hour pass costs €14. These passes are valid for one ride, either riding or pausing.

A 24-hour pass costs 24 euros, a monthly pass costs 195 euros. This allows you to take unlimited rides on all cargo bikes. Keep in mind that the optional reservation of a cargo bike is not included in these passes.

Finally, if you wish to purchase either one of these passes: you need have a minimum balance of €1 on your wallet.

Subscription plans to your own e-cargo bike with a key are also available. Check out the plans.