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16 februari 2021
Dutch start-up BAQME introduces shared electric box bikes in Rotterdam (PDF)

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The Hague Online
BAQME is a new provider of electric bycicle sharing

Silicon Canals
Amsterdam-based mobility startup BAQME launches its shared e-box bikes in Rotterdam


BAQME is the missing link in the Dutch mobility system. The electric box bikes are gaining immense popularity, because people no longer want to take the car for short distance rides in urban areas. The BAQME app (iOS en Android), gives everyone access to an e-box bike wherever and whenever they want. The BAQME box bikes are only paid for when they are actually used. Users pay an unlock fee of €1.95 and €0.10 per minute. Users can also purchase a daily pass for €24, which allows them to use a BAQME box bike the entire day.

BAQME was founded in August 2020. Currently, BAQME is only active in Rotterdam. Would you like a box bike in your city or neighbourhood as well? Then register here and download the BAQME app.

BAQME press kit

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