What is the Month Pass?

A brand new promotion is available on the BAQME App: the Month Pass.

BAQME has come up with this solution to support you during those periods when you need to take several rides in a day. With the Month Pass, you can take unlimited rides on unlimited box bikes for 30 days. What a great alternative to leasing an electric cargo bike!

At only €195 you can purchase the promotion. This means that you will no longer have to recharge the wallet over the course of those 30 days.

How can I purchase the Month Pass?

To get hold of this offer, you can go to the BAQME app, open the menu (in the top left corner) and click on ‘Promos’. Under ‘Available Promos’ you can find the Month Pass. Isn’t that easy?

Please note that the 30 days start directly after purchasing the promo and you will have to activate the pass every time you start a new ride. Rides can last as long as you want, you can park and pause the ride everywhere, also outside the zone. You can only end the ride within the zone.

P.S.: Extra costs, such as reserving a ride are not included in the promo, so you will still have to pay €0.50 for it. In case you haven’t added a credit card, your wallet balance needs to be €1 or higher.

What can I do with the Month Pass?

Here are just some of the potential scenarios a Month Pass will come in handy:

  1. Costume shopping for you and your kids during the Halloween or Carnaval period
  2. Riding your children from home to school, to the swimming pool, to a birthday party, to the park… we could keep listing places, but you probably got the hang of it 😉
  3. Riding to a different nearby city with your family and friends every weekend
  4. Gift shopping over the holiday period
  5. Going on the ‘perfect Christmas tree’ or house plant hunt
  6. And many more…

We are sure you will all think of ways in which purchasing a Month Pass can benefit both you and your closed ones. So what are you waiting for? There is only a limited supply of Month Passes, so make sure to purchase yours sooner rather than later. You won’t regret it!