BAQME started in February 2021 in Rotterdam, and is currently operating a fleet of shared cargo bikes in multiple cities. BAQME strives to be a trustworthy partner for the cities in which we are active, with the end-goal of being a positive force in the following dimensions:

  • Sustainability: Electrical cargo bikes can replace up to 50% of car traffic in the city. They are the only sustainable alternative to short distance car rides, since they are designed to transport goods, as well as people.
  • Efficiency: Electrical cargo bikes take up much less space than cars. Furthermore, the BAQME bikes are shared, meaning they are used by multiple households. This contributes to more efficient use of public space.
  • Inclusivity: Electrical cargo bikes are not cheap to buy, which is why they are only accessible to a certain portion of the population. Because our cargo bikes are shared, users only pay for their actual use of the bike, making the service affordable and accessible to the public. Additionally, our service also provides an extra form of transport for people without a drivers license.

Everyone who is 18 and up, is allowed to use a shared cargo bike. The bikes can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • A daytrip with the kids to the park, the zoo, the pool, school, etc. The cargo bikes are often used for this purpose, and are specially designed to safely transport children (safety measures include a bench to sit on, and seat belts)
  • People transporting groceries, furniture, plants, and other goods
  • Small businesses transporting goods and packages
  • People travelling with their pets

Sharing platform for electric cargo bikes

Urban planning plays a crucial role in designing and managing the physical, social, and economic development of cities and towns. One of the most significant challenges facing urban planners today is how to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution while still allowing for the efficient movement of goods and people. BAQME, an e-cargo bike sharing platform, offers a sustainable and efficient solution to these challenges, making them an ideal choice for urban planners looking to create more sustainable and efficient cities.

BAQME e-cargo bikes are powered by electricity, which means they produce no emissions and are much quieter than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. This makes them an excellent solution for reducing air pollution in densely populated urban areas. In addition, the small and maneuverable design of BAQME e-cargo bikes means they can navigate through city streets more easily and take up less space on the road, which can help to alleviate traffic bottlenecks and make it easier for other vehicles to move through the city.

One of the unique features of BAQME is its bike sharing platform. This allows people to easily rent and return the e-cargo bikes in designated locations, making it more convenient for users to use them for various errands and deliveries. This also helps to increase the accessibility of the bikes to a wider range of people and reduces the need for personal ownership.

In conclusion, BAQME e-cargo bike sharing platform is a powerful tool for urban planners looking to create more sustainable and efficient cities. They can help to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, while also providing a versatile and convenient mode of transportation for people and goods. The bike sharing platform also increases accessibility and reduces the need for personal ownership. As the urban population continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important for urban planners to explore innovative solutions like BAQME e-cargo bike sharing platform to meet the needs of today’s cities.

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