BAQME is an electric box bike sharing platform. Our box bikes are fun to ride and keep you healthy. By using BAQME box bikes instead of your car, you contribute to a sustainable environment, avoid city traffic and contribute to a more livable city. The days of rush hours and finding parking spots are finally over. 

  1. Download the BAQME app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account and verify your identity.
  3. Top up your wallet with your preferred amount. As a first time user, we will give you free credits to get going.
  4. Then open the app and find the nearest box bike in your neighbourhood.
  5. Ride away immediately or reserve the box bike for up to 20 minutes.
  6. Unlock the box bike with your phone.
  7. Ride our box bikes as long as you want and wherever you want in your city. You can easily park the bike with your phone and then resume the ride when you choose so.
  8. Leave the box bike within the service area.
  9. End the ride on your phone. Make sure to always park the bike correctly and lock it well (that includes the chain). Take a clear picture of the box bike to end your ride. 

Anyone can use BAQME. We provide active and accessible mobility for everyone. Even if you have never used a box bike, you can be assured that you will be able to ride our electric box bikes. If you need assistance, send us an email to schedule a test ride. We provide local test rides for new users to get people acquainted with our box bikes. Send an email to to register.

Make sure to follow us on social media (#baqmenow), we will be announcing our official launch week over the coming months.

BAQME will place its box bikes throughout the Netherlands. Download our app so you can see where we are available today. In case you would like BAQME box bikes in your area as well, then just register your neighbourhood via

As soon as we have enough registrations in your zip code, we will start placing our box bikes near you. So make sure to get your neighbours, friends and family to register as well.

Register your neighbourhood via Ask your friends, family and neighbours to do the same. The more registrations in your area, the faster we will be in your neighbourhood or city.

Our terms and conditions are available on our website and app. Before you finalize your registration via our app, we ask you to read through our terms and conditions. You can find the terms and conditions here.

You can contact us by sending an email to We will answer your questions within a day. For emergencies, you can also call us during regular working hours at 085 – 0604 BAQ (085-0604227).


You can ride anywhere you want in your city. Take a ride to the park with your kids and relax for the afternoon. Or go do the local supermarket for your groceries and household products. You can park the BAQME box bike anywhere by pausing your ride. Just keep in mind that in certain areas in your city you are not allowed to park your bike randomly on the street. We have indicated those areas in the BAQME app with a red marker.

BAQME box bikes are all electric. That means you can cover longer cycling distances than a regular box bike due to the pedal assistance. The pedal assistance helps you reach a maximum speed of 25km/h. If you want to go faster, which we do not recommend, you will have to put in the leg work. 

A fully charged battery will provide you with electric pedal assistance for at least 40-50 km. We aim to offer our bikes fully charged, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that at the moment. Of course, you can always cycle without the electric pedal assist which is perfectly comfortable as well. All of our bikes have at least a 7-speed gear system.

Yes, you can reserve BAQME box bikes via our app. Just click on the bike that you would like and choose reserve. You can reserve the box bike for up to 20 minutes for which we ask a small payment of €0.25 per reservation. This ensures our box bikes are available as often as possible for everyone in your area.

You can keep them as long as you want. In the BAQME App you can find attractive offers for a daily pass. Go to Promos in the BAQME App and see what offers are available for you.

When you start your ride in the app, the lock will automatically open. You can remove the chain and wrap it around the seat post.

Once you have brought the bike back into your starting zone, end your ride using your phone. After a few seconds you can pull down the lock. Use the chain to attach the bike to a fixed object such as a post or a bike rack, and push the chain back in the lock.

Yes, you can lock the bike without ending your ride. Just press pause, wait a few seconds and then close the lock. When you want to continue your ride, press resume and the lock will open automatically.

We recommend you always pause your ride when you want to park, because then you only pay €0.05 per minute.

You can always close the lock yourself by pressing the black button on the side of the lock and pushing down the handle. 

Using geofencing technology, we highlight areas in the app where you can park the box bikes. Make sure to always park the bike properly so not to bother pedestrians. We also ask you to take a picture of the bike at the end of your ride.

There is an on/off switch on top of the display. Read the How to ride section in the BAQME App to find out more.

Some of our box bikes have three wheels. Biking on a box bike with three wheels feels different than a regular bike. Cycling straight is not much different, but taking a corner will feel different at first. When taking a corner, slightly push the handle bar away from you and lean into the corner with your upper body. If the road slopes, lean your upper body to the higher side of the box bike for optimal comfort.

Make sure to never take corners too fast, so that you always keep control over the box bike. We advise that you always reduce your speed when approaching corners or speed bumps.

When the bike is in first gear it will allow you to take off more easily from standstill position without exerting extra power. This is especially useful when you are waiting at a traffic light.

When you want to turn the bike around, hold the handle bar with one hand and lift the seat underneath the saddle with your other hand to turn the bike. Our bikes are very light and most of the weight is at the box, so you can easily lift the box bike.

If you are running into issues with the box bike or the app, then please give us a call at 085-0604227 so we can help you fix it.

Please call us at 085-0604227 for further guidance or report it by raising a support ticket.

You can always close the lock yourself by pressing the black button on the side of the lock and pushing down the handle. 

We protect you from this type of situation by capping the maximum amount that you pay to €55 per 24 hours. 

Soon you will be able to charge your phone on BAQME box bikes. Follow us on social media (#BAQMENOW) to stay posted.


Yes, BAQME box bikes are safe. You can accommodate two children on the bench, and leave ample space for other belongings. For each child, there is a 3-point safety belt inside the box. We ask you to always follow our instructions on the app and website before starting your ride.

Yes, it is possible when you turn too fast and do not adjust your body accordingly, you may run the risk of tipping over. Therefore we always recommend that you slow down in corners.

Box bikes with three wheels do not have a kickstand because the front wheels keep the balance. When your kids are getting into the box, make sure you are already sitting on the bike. Your weight will push down the bike so it does not tip to the front. 

If you need to help your kids get into the box, be aware that the box might lean forward if you are not sitting on the bike.

No, you are not obligated to wear a helmet when using BAQME box bikes. We do recommend that you use helmets for your children when they are travelling with you in the box.

At the moment, it is not possible to mount a car seat in a BAQME box bike. As soon as your kids can sit on their own, then you can bring them along in the BAQME box bikes.

Pricing and payments

The BAQME app is free to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For using BAQME box bikes, we ask you to pay €0.15 per minute as soon as you start your ride and until the moment you end it or pause it. When you pause your ride you only pay €0.05 per minute. In addition, you pay a one-time unlock fee of €0.50 per ride. 

We have kids and busy lives as well, so we appreciate flexibility. That is why you can keep our box bikes for the whole day and pay a maximum of €55 for 24 hours. In the BAQME App you can find attractive offers for a daily pass. Go to Promos in the BAQME App and see what offers are available for you.

As soon as you have registered via our app and we have confirmed your identity, you can start adding an amount to your wallet through the BAQME app.

You can add your credit card for payments or transfer an amount via iDeal. The costs of all your rides will be automatically deducted from your wallet. There is no limit to how much you can add, but we do ask a minimum of €10.

Once you have registered, you will receive a promo code to claim your welcome gift.

To avoid inconveniences, we allow you to have a temporary negative balance on your wallet. That way you can at least finish your ride the way you want to. We do ask you to top up your wallet when you want to take your next ride.

You are not allowed to share your account. You always remain liable, for example in case of damage or theft. Ask others to download the BAQME app on their phone and complete their registration. They will receive free credits in their wallet once they have completed their ID verification process.

Go to Profile in the BAQME app. There you can also change your password.

If you have questions regarding your rides please email us at

Please email us at

Theft and insurance

Treat our box bikes the way you would your own and use common sense. If you do that, you are not very likely to need any insurance or become liable for damages or theft. We do recommend that you have your own liability insurance, which is just being smart. However, it is not mandatory nor do you need it to use our bikes. We always recommend our users to follow the instructions and safety standards in the app and our website. We also refer you to our terms and conditions on our website. We know there is a lot of information there, which is why we have summarized it for you as much as possible.

See our terms and conditions on

In case of accidents, always make sure everyone is safe. Then call local authorities (The Netherlands: 112) immediately in case of injuries. Then call us on 085-0604227 for further assistance.

In case of theft, please contact us immediately by calling 085-0604227. We will be able to quickly retrieve the bike as we can always track its whereabouts in case of theft. 

If the bike is stolen after you had closed the lock and wrapped the lock chain, then you are not responsible. You are obliged however to report the incident to the local authorities.