Your future is electric. Get your own BAQME today for a fixed price per month. This subscription (comparable to an e-cargo bike lease) has limited availability. The advantages of a BAQME e-cargo bike subscription:

Your own BAQME
Always available

Full charge ahead
Charger included

Rainhood optional
Only with Boost

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the BAQME subscription?

BAQME Boost is available everywhere, we can deliver the BAQME within days.

What are the specifications of a BAQME

Check out the specifications here.

Can I get add-ons?

The costs of a rainhood are €25 a month. Deductible: €100.

Is there a limit to how much I can ride?

No, you can ride as much as you like.

How does the deposit work?

The deposit will be returned after the end of the subscription. Add-ons have an extra deposit and deductible.

Can you deliver the BAQME?

Yes, the delivery is free for the Boost subscription and €50 for other subscriptions.

Delivery within the Rotterdam region is within 7 days. We plan a convenient time and date together.

Outside the Rotterdam region, the e-cargo bike will be delivered on Sunday, if ordered before Wednesday. We can plan another time if this is not convenient.

Identification on delivery is mandatory. We will explain how the bike works and will happily answer all questions you may have.

How do I charge the battery?

You receive the charger and the key for the battery lock. You can remove the battery from the bike and charge it in a normal socket.

How many repairs can I request?

Each subscription has a maximum number of repars, after which you pay a deductible. We strive to pick up your BAQME within 48 hours. If repair takes a long time, you will receive a new BAQME.

What are sharing passes?

With sharing passes you can use a BAQME from the sharing fleet for 1, 2, 3 or 24 hours in Rotterdam, The Hague and Ghent.

How does the payment work?

Payments are on a monthly basis through SEPA direct debit. You do not need a Dutch bank account, but your account needs to be able to process SEPA direct debit. You receive an invoice every month.

The deposit, delivery costs (when applicable) and the first month are paid through iDEAL:

For Boost that is €350 (month 1 + deposit)

Monthly subscriptions require 100% prepayment for the whole term.

Can I make a test ride?

You can take a test ride on one of our sharing bikes. Download the BAQME app.

Can I get a BAQME for my business?

Yes, that’s possible. You will receive a monthly tax invoice. Our e-cargo bikes with closable boxes may be of interest as well. Custom branding on the bike is possible.

Would you like to rent out the BAQME’s to consumers yourself? Contact us at to discuss the possibilities.

Can I get a BAQME through my employer?

Yes, that’s possible. Your employer can contact us through

What happens in case of theft?

We will file a police report together. If the BAQME was properly locked, you have no or a limited deductible depending on the subscription you picked.

What are the terms?

Read the terms of BAQME Boost.

Do I need the app to ride?

No, you receive the keys of the ring lock and battery lock.

Will I receive a new e-cargo bike?

We use the same bikes for the sharing fleet and the Boost subscription to keep cost and waiting times as low as possible. The bike will not be brand new, but we will perform major maintenance and a check before your bike is delivered. The riding experience will be identical to a new e-cargo bike.