Don’t worry….about a thing, with BAQME B2B everything is going to be all right. 🎵

  1. Email or call us
  2. Tell us your preferred delivery date
  3. Ready to ride

Effortlessly transporting all your goods and packages. You choose BAQME and we take care of the rest. We deliver the bike ready-to-go, do repairs, perform preventive maintenance, take care of insurances and arrange a replacement bike whenever you need it. Plain and simple with the BAQME B2B e-cargo bike.

Trouble on the go? We will be ready to help you.

Everything is taken care of with BAQME’s monthly subscription. Don’t need your e-cargo bike anymore? We’ll come pick it up. Your contract runs on a month-to-month basis, you’re not stuck to long-term leases.

The BAQME B2B e-cargo bike is faster and more convenient than a van. You can cycle from door to door without traffic jams or parking woes. Plus, you will never find yourself looking for a gas station. Yesss!

Why a BAQME B2B e-cargo bike?

  • Faster from A to B
  • You will never have to search for a parking spot
  • No long-term lease contracts but a flexible monthly subscription
  • Fully unburdened; from day one
  • Easily start, switch or end your contract
  • The best sustainable alternative for all your city trips
  • Currently available in Rotterdam and The Hague

Monthly subscription: 275,- ex. VAT

Do you want to have an e-cargo bike for a longer period? Send an email to and ask for discounts on long-term collaborations.


How many kilometres can I ride with BAQME?
About 100 km. Fully charging your battery will take 5 to 6 hours. You can also rent an additional battery so your bike can always stay on the road.

How long am I stuck to a subscription?
Our monthly subscription lasts – you guessed it – a month. You can cancel anytime you like after the minimal duration of one month.

Does BAQME perform preventive maintenance?
Each month we pay your bike a visit to make sure it hasn’t become a safety hazard on wheels yet. We will call you to plan a date. Have you noticed something wrong with your bike? You can always call, email or chat with us to plan a repair.

Are there any extra costs?
We charge a delivery fee to deliver your bike(s) ready-to-go at your location. This fee is per delivery and not per bike. We can also take care of custom wrapping according to your marketing guidelines; we will charge you based on the cost price. In addition, there is an excess (eigen risico) for theft and irregular damages. For further details, please give us a call.

Do I need my own liability insurance?
Yes. As a business, you need a corporate liability insurance. Don’t have one? We can help you.

What phone number do I call for help?
For repairs and assistance you can call our service number: 085 06 04 BAQ.

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