Our mission:

Reducing the need for private car ownership by providing active, accessible mobility to urban areas

Share a box bike and change mobility in your city

BAQME is a box bike sharing platform. Our goal is to make you less car-dependent for short distance travel. There are too many car trips in your city. On average, more than half of all car trips in urban areas are shorter than 7.5 kilometres. This becomes particularly daunting when the trip involves transportation of children, goods or pets.

Unnecessary use of a car in urban areas results in increased travel due congestion and limited parking space, not to mention the negative impact it has on air pollution. Noise created from non-electric vehicles further fuels the growing frustration of city inhabitants.

Still, more and more people want to live in cities. This creates immense challenges for governments to manage the additional pressure a rapidly growing population has on urban infrastructure and mobility. Shared mobility is rapidly becoming the most effective method of resolving some of these challenges, particularly when it contributes to active and clean mobility.

Cities are encouraging inhabitants to walk and cycle as often as possible. However, this is not easy when mobility involves the transportation of children and goods. An electric box bike is the ideal solution for these types of travel.

BAQME offers the best of both worlds. BAQME is a shared mobility platform for electric box bikes. With the BAQME app, anyone can use BAQME box bikes whenever they want without any ownership hassle.

The BAQME box bikes are shared in your neighbourhood and available for everyone in your area. No high investments needed or regular trips to the bike store for maintenance. BAQME takes care all of that. We provide our electric box bikes well-maintained and charged. All you have to do is use it and start changing the world.


Do you have a great idea on how to change mobility in your city? Please feel free to reach out to us.

Souren Arakelian

Sven Velthuis

Berenice van Gessel